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oReusable Workflow Template and Tasks Forms

Question asked by acoccett on Aug 22, 2014
Latest reply on Sep 5, 2016 by jackgelo

Good Morning

I am still evaluating Nintex for a Proof of Concept for a client.

I have created a new content type (let's call it Project) and I have associated a Nintex Form. Everthing is working correctly.


I need now to create a Reusable Collection Workflow Template and I need to associate it to the Content Type, so no matter the content type Project is generated, subsites included, I can trigger an approval workflow.

I have therefore created a new Site Collection Workflow template that contains a Review Task and I have created Nintex workflow task. Then I have associated it to the content type (Site Settings-> Site Content Type->Project->Workflow settings).

As expected, I can create the new content type association and I can now trigger a template on a new item created in a subsite.

The problem is that when I open a task form, I receive the following message:


The content of this item will be sent as an e-mail message to the person or group assigned to the item.

The form is referencing a field that does not exist. Please notify the form designer.

Version: 1.0

Content Type: Nintex Workflow Task using Nintex Forms

Created  at 8/22/2014 12:57:45 PM by Administrator


Please note that I have also created a REALLY simple workflow (1 Review Task and nothing more) and I have published it with all default settings, biut it ends up with the same issue. I am also unable to find any reference in the log to see what is missing.


Note 2: if I remove the Nintetx task form, I can open the task without problem but of course I get the simple sharepoint form. I would like to use the Nintex form.

Thank you for any help in solving this puzzle