Using a Collection Variable and creating individual Flexi Tasks

Discussion created by carl.taute on Sep 19, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 19, 2016 by emha

Hi, we have collected a list of email addresses and stored in a Collection Variable

We are then wanting to create separate \ individual task for each email address.



The problem is that the "Assign Flexi Task" step assigns a task to the first person in the collection, and then waits for their response before the loop then initiates the second Flexi Task.


How can I workflow to create all the flexi tasks at once without this sequential wait? Basically I want the loop to run without waiting for each task to reply.


PS: I have also tried to use the "Create individual tasks for all group members" Tick box in the Flexi Task and set the assignee as the entire Site Collection Variable. The task is created, but it doesn't seem to create separate tasks. As soon as the 1st person responds, everyone else gets an email to say "Response no longer required" .... this means everyone has the same task instead of individual??


Thanks in advance