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How can I restrict the In Person Signer from receiving an email with signed attachment if a SF Account is equal to a specific value?

Question asked by sgenesse on Sep 14, 2016

Good afternoon,


I’m looking for assistance on reconfiguring existing DDP’s.


Below is an example of my Work Order object (SVMXC__Service_Order__c):


I’m not sure if this may be handled by the Button and/or Delivery option.



Custom Button Link:


Label:  Print Service Report





Delivery Option:  Send for e-Signature




1 = In Person Singer – for Work Orders with an Account name that begins with “ABC” we don’t want to send an email to the In Person Signer

2 = Carbon Copy  - will be sent


I played around with checking the “Signing Preview and Edit” which would allow the end user to remove the In Person Signer, though I  don’t want the end user to have to put any thought into this task, and also errors can be made upsetting our customers, when they don’t want the singer to receive a copy of the report in the first place.



What is the approach to handling this type of scenario?




Thank you,