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Unable to insert multiple values into Managed Metadata field using Nintex Workflow

Question asked by swap on Sep 15, 2016

I'm trying to create a document into document library and set multiple values into Managed metadata field of the library document using Nintex workflow. I've set up a workflow on a list and whenever creating new item into the list, new document will be created under specific library.  But I've managed to create a document without managed metadata values.


Here are the variables that I'm using:


The Workflow:-

Workflow ScreenshotWorkflow steps description

1. Get metadata field value and stored into a variable.

2. Used a Regular expression action to find the "IdForTerm".

3.  Used a Regular expression action to split multiple values.

4. Used For each loop to get individual value of managed metadata fields

5. Here is where the ID and the IdForTerm get pulled out.


7. if Yes - {WorkflowVariable:vListLitemTaxonomyID};#{WorkflowVariable:vOrg}|{WorkflowVariable:vTextIdForTerm}

8. If No - {WorkflowVariable:vMetadataValue};{WorkflowVariable:vListLitemTaxonomyID};#{WorkflowVariable:vOrg}|{WorkflowVariable:vTextIdForTerm}

9. Create a document




Any help on this would be great from the community.  Thanks.