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Check out of a library item does not trigger an OnChange workflow?

Question asked by colin_e on Sep 14, 2016
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In response to a question from a colleague i've just run a couple of tests on our live Nintex site, and it appears that if a user changes the checkout state of a file in a document library, this does NOT trigger an "On Change" workflow to run?


This is pretty surprising, as-

  1. Checking something in or out seems like a significant change to me, plus
  2. The value of the "checked out to" field is changing, and field modifications are the normal trigger for a library OnChange event.


The one thing i'm doubtful of is we're (again) having trouble with workflows not starting reliably on our site, sop maybe i'm seeing a glitch, not normal behaviour.


Note: Yes I am aware of the "wait for checkout status to change" action, but that presupposes a workflow is already running on the item. I was hoping to start a small admin workflow just for the case of the checkout status changing.


If someone can confirm they have seen the same behaviour (or not), that would be helpful.