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Having Problem Updating a SharePoint list ‘Status’ field via the Returned Value

Question asked by caonabo on Sep 12, 2016
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I having problem updating a SharePoint list ‘Status’ field via the Returned Value option from within multiple buttons in a Nintex task form. It only seems to take the values retuned from the first button, and ignore all Returned Values from all subsequent buttons, as I try to change form status as different users fill out the form.


I would like to check the form Status field on form load, similar to InfoPath, and update the same Status field on the form via a Returned Value on a button. The Status field is used in SP workflow to send an email to the next assignee with a link to the task form.


Status field value: 'New' (default on first load), 'Pending_Acknowledgement', 'Acknowledged'.



Also, how do I show multiple instances of the same column variables on a form?