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people picker default value not working

Question asked by colin_e on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Oct 13, 2014 by colin_e

Sharepoint: 2010

Nntex Forms: 1.5.2


I discovered that in NF 1.5.2 we now have the capability to set a default value on a people picker field, which is great if it saves the hacking around with JavaScript that was previously required.


However, I tried this for the first time today and it's not working. I have a document library with a "Submitted By" people field, and a Nintex edit form to edit the doc properties with the corresponding field control set to-


But on uploading a document the field stays empty (null).




I posted another question because I found that Forms: "new mode" doesn't work for Document Libraries?  Could this be caused by the same problem?


I.e. the Sharepoint 2-stage upload process for documents means the Submitted By field has already been set to (empty) by the time the property edit form is opened, so the default value on a field will not be used?


Or maybe the default value on a people picker needs to be not the simple value Current User but one of those lovely, bizarre, Sharepoint "settings strings" like "-1;#Current User;" ?    As usual the Nintex documentation is not a lot of help.


Regards: colin_e