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Question asked by gansa on Sep 14, 2016
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nintex flexi task

  • I have issues in nintex workflow assign flexi task action.

I have configured 4 level workflow in which each level task is created using assign flexi task. The task is created successfully at each level but the task notification mail is not getting triggered at each level. There is no error in workflow and also no mail configuration issues as I am getting mail from other actions in workflow such as Mail Notification steps once my task is approved , I have been notified successfully. 

  • Also, I am getting mail notification from the same flexi action for NO RESPONSE REQUIRED step.

Note : I have used custom task form using nintex for the flexi task action, I have received mail notifications before using custom forms and also after using custom form for the same step. But now suddenly mails not getting triggered. Is this have anything to do with the issue ??

Please do reply and help me to debug this issue.

I am using nintex workflow 2016 with nintex forms 2016 on my sharepoint list.


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