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how to stop adding Approval required tasks (generated from nintex workflow) in Pending List

Question asked by manju.mandava on Sep 12, 2016
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I got strange problem here. Hope i will be able to find some solution here.


  • I have a workflow which generated the checklist form for the manager at the end of completing all the tasks for the day
  • This checklist form will be generated from the "Request approval " action of the workflow. & this has been customized/redesigned using info path forms.
  • I configured the workflow to add this checklist form in "Tasks" list.
  • form user/approver observed that this checklist form has been also adding inside the "Pending" list (don't know who have created this, i couldn't find this on other sites). but this form will be in pending list until this is either rejected or approved. i.e checklist form will be there in pending list only when the checklist form is pending for approval.
  • Form user don't want to see these checklist forms to be added in pending list as this is intended for some other documents.
  • when i searched in my workflow i couldn't see any option that i have used to add this form inside the pending list. I don't have permissions to edit this pending list (though i have been waiting for the permissions on pending list)
  • What i have observed is in "Tasks" list there is "Outcome" column based on which the pending list is updated if outcome column shows as "Pending", i couldn't see any option to edit the Outcome column as this is not visible in list settings.


My question here is


1. how come workflow is updating pending list ?


2. how can i stop checklist form to be adding inside the pending list ?


3. Why i am unable to see "Out come " column of Tasks List in list settings ? - i know this belongs to share point, but thought if i can get any answers here at least.



Thanks in advance for your help on this.