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Use workflow in list a to update item in list c

Question asked by johnnyworkflow on Aug 20, 2014
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Hi everyone,


I have three lists on a site.  List A allows change requests to be submitted and then takes them through a workflow to gather approval and comments from several parties.  If approved, the requests get copied over to List B where they can be assigned a responsible party and due date with another workflow behind them to send reminders.  I would like to be able to output a list of all the requests submitted and the status of each of these items as they go through the process so people can see where their requests stand.


I am attempting to do this by building a separate list, List C, which reports the status of each item and is updated by workflows within List A and List B as certain actions are completed which would cause a status change.  However, the workflow for List A errors at the update item action every time.  I am formatting as follows:


Update: [List C]

Where: [Request ID] equals [List Lookup]

          Source: [Current Item]

          Field: [ID] 

Field: [Status] equals Value: [Submitted]


The Request ID field is a field in List C which is populated with the ID of the current item in List A when the item in List C is created.

Sorry if this is a poor post but I am new to the community and very new to nintex so would appreciate any feedback whether it be an answer to my question or advice on a better way to accomplish my goal!