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Validation Rule on Cascading DropDown

Question asked by dsutton on Sep 10, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by cazza162



I need some help with a validation rule. I have 3 cascade lookup lists 


Lookup List 1 = AreaSelect 

Look Up List 2 = CostCodeName

Look Up List 3 = CostCodeNumber 


Once the form is loaded, the 1st lookup, AreaSelect field isn't mandatory, however any item selected in AreaSelect that is populated i.e (VIC, TAS, NT NSW, WA, SA, QLD) CostCodeName is automatically mandatory. As there a more then one CostCode Name in a Area. Once CostCodeName is selected, CostCodeNumber is automatically mandatory. 


I'm confused on the logic will work with a validation, so any help would be appreciated. 


Also the 3 dropdowns have the default "Please Select Value", would this cause the validation to not work?