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Request failed with status: Service Unavailable.

Question asked by mhiller on Aug 20, 2014
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we're using SP2013 SP1 with Nintex2013 on our DEV system and want to add the workflow action "Call web service".

After entering the web service url https://domain/website/_vti_bin/lists.asmx (or any other SP web service) with valid credentials, you have to click on "Refresh" to populate the web service methods to the drop down list box.

This fails with the error message: "Request failed with status: Service Unavailable."


As you can see on the picture, we are not able to view the methods of the web service.


Some things I already checked:

- Accessing the web service via browser works fine!

- Loopback check is already disabled on WFE and APP server.

- Nintex was installed with the same service account as the SP farm (the account, that runs the CA application pool).


Any suggestions?


Kind regards