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Nintex Rule "||"(or) help needed!

Question asked by nyeman17 on Sep 8, 2016
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This should be simple but for some reason this rule is not working on my form.

Basically I need a box to be hidden unless the user selects "MCHD" OR "FBCS" from a drop down.


The rule I set on the panel is the following:


[Business Type]!= "MCHD" || [Business Type]!= "FBCS"



I have tried:

  • [Business Type]!= "MCHD" || "FBCS" 
  • [Business Type]!= "MCHD || FBCS" 
  • [Business Type]!= 'MCHD' || 'FBCS'


can I not use != with ||? The rule works with just one. I also created two calculated values where 1 is if [business type] == MCHD, TRUE. the second is the same but for FBCS. I then created two rules off of those calculated values. This still didn't work.


Do I need to do the opposite and say if [Business Type] == all of the other options other than MCHD and FBCS, then hide?