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Word Hyperlinks removed by Drawloop

Question asked by bryanh on Sep 7, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 12, 2016 by bryanh

Hello All,


I've an issue which i'm hoping has a simple solution. I have searched for an answer, but seems no one else has reported this issue.


Basically I have a Word Document which I have set up for use by Salesforce-Drawloop. I have included fields, related lists, SOQL sources etc. and everything related to this works fine. However .....


The Word Document has standard hyperlinks in it (email and web pages) and in the merge process these are being stripped off with the Hyperlink "Text to Display" appearing as plain text only in the final output (ie. no hyperlink functionality).


What's up? How can I keep the Hyperlink functionality?


Drawloop Version is the latest.

Word Version is 2016 .docx format  (.doc has the same behaviour).


Thanks in advance.