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After creating a site in Nintex for Project Server, how do I then make it the official Project Site?

Question asked by bwaters on Aug 20, 2014
Latest reply on Jan 23, 2015 by eharris04

In our Project Server environment, we have it set so that when you create a new project, it does not immediately provision a project site. Our goal is that this will happen later, after a certain approval process has been completed. So I have been able to create a new site in Nintex using the template that we want, but when I click "Project Site" from that project's detail page, I get an error message saying that there is no site associated with that project.


So it appears to me that there is an additional step that needs to be done after a site is created, in order to connect it to the project. What I don't know, however, is how this can be done. My research has shown that there is a CreateWssSite method that can be called, which should do the trick, but that method does not appear within the Query Project Server workflow item dropdown.


My questions to you all are these: is this the correct method for associating a project to a site? And if so, how do I access it using a Nintex workflow? I have attached and included links to the specific details of my problem.


Thank you all very much,