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How to automatically update list with SP 2013 Survey responses?

Question asked by acallah1 on Aug 19, 2014
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We use surveys to collect approvals from Departments on Change Requests.  How can I use Nintex 2013 to collect and report all survey responses

For example:


Change #CR TitleUser NameDeptDispositionComments
CR123Upgrade XP to Win7J JonesMarketingApprove
CR123Upgrade XP to Win7J JetsonHRVote pending presentation*lsdkfsdfsfjslfjsslfsjfslll
CR123Upgrade XP to Win7J JumperFinanceAbstain
CR123 footerUpgrade XP to Win7Approved08/19/2014
CR124Upgrade Office2010 to Office2013J JonesMarketingVote pending presentation*


Is it possible to alert me when all departments have responded?  Is it possible add a footer after all responses are in for a given change request?  I am new to Nintex and am hoping what I've asked has a solution.. The list does not have to look like the one above .... but that's the data I am looking to capture