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Nintex delegation error - No item exists

Question asked by zaert on Sep 6, 2016
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I have an issue with Nintex delegation.


I made a simple form (1 textbox title only). In my workflow, I only have an assign flexi task (option "allow delegation" checked of course). Workflow start when an item are created.


So the process is :

   - I start create a new item

   - I receive the email for the approval with the link to respond to the task

   - I delegate the task (without problem because the person I wanted to delegate receive the email)

   - When my colleague receive the email and click on the link, an error occured like the following :



Some one can tell me if he already have a case ?





PS : I think that's not a problem of permission because it's really a simple form and workflow, I don't have lookup or somethings like that ...