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Triple Or for the default value of a Yes/No

Question asked by dimi72 on Sep 6, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 23, 2016 by dimi72

I want to use checkboxes on a form, to use later on in rules for panels.


One checkbox gets as default value : fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Company Marketing")

Another one fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Company Engineering") and the last one fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Company Purchasing"). This works.

I also need the inverse : a checkbox that says yes, when a user is not member of any of the three groups above.

How should I do that?


I tried things like

 fn-Or(  fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Company Engineering"), fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Company Purchasing")), 

fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Company Marketing") )

But it doesn't work.

Or this one:

  fn-If(  fn-Or( fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Company Marketing") ,  fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Company Engineering")) , False ,
 fn-If( fn-IsMemberOfGroup("Company Purchasing") ,
 False ,
 True )

It doesn't work either.


Thanks for any advice.