Cannot get full name or email address of user?

Discussion created by bhutim on Sep 5, 2016
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Hi Guys

Has anyone seen this issue where workflows that were working before and they would normally fire request approval task to managers depending on the user. There is different workflow which gets the user and write it in a person field in the list and the main workflow uses that person field to send the approval.

We did an upgrade to a latest version of Nintex this weekend and also installed Hawkeye for the first time. Now all my workflows for this specific sites runs okay until they have to assign a task to a person and they throw the following error


"Error in request approval action. Cannot get the full name or e-mail address of user "c:0+.c|ad|s-1-5-21-253889961-874910234-3503254501-15666".

What's confusing is all other sites are working, this issue is in just 1 site collection. Has anyone see this?


Thanking you in advance.



Bhuti Mbele