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List View not working with {Common:WebUrl} as Source SharePoint Site

Question asked by thesilence on Sep 5, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 6, 2016 by thesilence

Hy everyone,


im facing the problem, that the parameter {Common:WebUrl} as Source SharePoint Site for a ListView Component is not working. I have to use this parameter because the form is in a Subsite which i'm saving as a template.



Error in the form (display and edit form)


ULS Error:

Error filtering the list view control: System.ArgumentException: List with name "Testlist" does not exist.
at Nintex.Forms.SharePoint.NfsUtilities.GetListByName(SPWeb web, String listName)
at Nintex.Forms.SharePoint.FormControls.ListViewFormControl.get_List()
at Nintex.Forms.SharePoint.FormControls.ListViewFormControl.FilterView()


Can anyone help me with this error?