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Question asked by john_888 on Aug 19, 2014
Latest reply on Apr 6, 2017 by motorboy


Here are some bugs with nintex form for you. (v with ie8)


  • custom rules are bugged with multiple selection list lookup not connected to a field

            when the last action is a click on "remove" then the custom validation is not processed. If the last action is a click on "add" everything works fine.

            Using the validation rule with isnullorempty({self}) refreshes the whole form (don't seem necessary + slows erevything and is nasty)


  • validation (custom) with people pickers throws an error when submitting. Validation rules+custom do not work with people picker. Validation rules cannot access people pickers but still displays the "self" option in a people picker (ofc it's not working).
  • attachments with an ' (single quote) in the name (authorized by sharepoint naming restrictions) prevent the form to load due to an error in javascript (the single quote messes with the code). Did not the test but can be a security hole.