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Prevent updates to calculated fields?

Question asked by brentless on Sep 1, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 2, 2016 by mmatsako

I have a scenario where I need to completely lock a form when it gets to a particular status.  I have lots of calculated fields.


What I need to plan for is if something changes for how those fields are calculated in the future.  Forms that have been locked will not update based on new calculations, but will stick to the old calculations.


My initial thought has been to just create a new version of the form with content types.  Seems a bit more complicated than it needs to be though.


New Content Type 2017 (with Nintex Form 3)

Old: Content Type 2016 (with Nintex Form 2)

Old: Content Type 2015 (with Nintex Form 1)


As a new form is created, then i simply change the "default" content type of the list.


Anyone have any better thoughts/suggestions?