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Forms: "new mode" doesn't work for Document Libraries?

Question asked by colin_e on Aug 18, 2014
Latest reply on Jun 18, 2015 by colin_e

Sharepoint: 2010

Nintex Forms:


We have a document library that allows user uploads. To keep things simple I want to hide a bunch of "admin only" fields during the initial upload.


I set these field's visibility to the expression-


    fn-Not(Is New Mode)


but when I test it, the fields are always visible.


In Sharepoint, uploading a document to a library is a 2-stage process, you upload the file and then you set the properties in a separate "edit properties" form. I think the reason for the issue is that the property edit form is never in "New Mode", because it is always editing the properties of a document that already exists, even if it was created <2s ago.


  1. Have I correctly understood what is happening here. Is the Is New Mode function useless in document library forms?
  2. If I am right, is there a recommended workaround?


Regards: colin_e