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Spurious line breaks in HTML

Question asked by baltner on Aug 31, 2016
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When using LazyApproval I like to include form data in a nicely formatted HTML table in the email so the Approver knows what he or she is approving or rejecting. But I've run into an issue with form data that includes a multi-line rich-text "description" field in which spurious line breaks (<BR />) are added after each <P/> and </LI> tag in the rendering of the email, even though these tags are not in the description field itself.


To be specific, I am storing the following string in a workflow variable called FormattedData:


where the variable TripDescription is the multi-line rich-text field where I have earlier replaced "&lt;" with "<" anf "&gt;" with ">" using fn-Replace in a string builder action.


This is added to the Approver's email in the Task Notification component of a Request Approval action:


For debugging purposes I am capturing the FormattedData variable into a list column and it looks fine.  A sample list item looks like this:


which renders in a browser like this:


So there is nothing wrong with the data itself.  However, this is how it appears in the email:


and when I do a "View Source" the HTML looks like this:



If you look at the highlighted description field you'll see that the original FormattedData variable, which looked just fine, has been transfromed with lots of <BR /> tags that make it look so ugly in the output. 


How to avoid this is the question.