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Forms Calculated Value: Cannot configure Client ID JavaScript variable name

Question asked by kelliganp on Aug 31, 2016
Latest reply on Oct 5, 2016 by espinozae

Hi Folks,


I am configuring a "Calculated Value" form control and am having some trouble. In the Advanced section, I set the "Store Client ID in JavaScript variable" setting to "Yes". Now the "Client ID JavaScript variable name" input box is exposed. When I try to click into it to input a variable name, I am unable to access the input box. Is there a setting in Central administration that would cause this behavior? Has anyone ever run into this?

Thanks and Regards,

Patrick Kelligan


UPDATE: I created a dummy form and added all of my available controls to it to see if I had the same issue on all controls. The results were interesting:

No=Cannot Input Client ID JavaScript variable name, Yes=Can Input Client ID JavaScript variable name, N/A=Option not available on this control.


Border: N/A
Button: N/A
Calculated Value: No
Choice: No
Date/Time: No
Geolocation: N/A
Hyperlink: Yes
Image: N/A
Label: N/A
Multi Line Textbox: No
Page Break Guide: N/A
Page Viewer: N/A
Rich Text: N/A
Single Line Textbox: Yes
Sql Request: No
Web Request: No
Yes/No: Yes
Attachments Control: N/A