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Deleting a list after copying data to another list - Site Workflow

Question asked by shuttjo on Aug 31, 2016
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I have a blank list (I delete all records every night to make it clean for the next day) with just headers. We will call this Report1. I run a report every morning and need to import this data into Report1. We'll call this new daily report Import 1. After I import all data from Import 1, I want to delete Import 1 from the site so that tomorrow I can upload a new Import 1 with the same name (I haven't figured out how to overwrite). This will be for an end user that does not have SharePoint experience so I am trying to make it as seamless as possible and not have to change actions in workflows.



I have a few questions here...


1) On Import 1, I do not have a commonality field to do a lookup off of so I created a column called Import Trigger and put move in that field for every line item. I then created my workflow to query the whole list and store everything in a collection variable. Then run if that collection variable into an List ID. I then did a create item to Report1 by doing a lookup to Import1 when Import Trigger field equals "Move".I am missing something here because it only brought one line item over.


2) At the end of this workflow, I have a delete multiple items action, which works fine, but I want it to delete the whole list. Not just the line contents. In relation to this, every time I delete the Import1 from the site, and upload the new Import1 for the day, the workflow needs updated again manually.


Any tricks or tips to help me through this one?