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How do I send notification on Calendar Approval or Reject

Question asked by davidjohnson5000 on Aug 30, 2016
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Currently I have a workflow set up to send out a notification to an approver when a calendar item is created and in a pending status for Approve/Reject.  I have now been asked to send out a notification once the status moves to approved or rejected.  I have 2 issues:


1st Issue - The created field has i:0#.w\ent\mylogonid - Thus not sure how to strip out all the garbage to the left of the logonid so I can get a legitimate id for the email to line. and thus send an email to the requester that they were approved or rejected.


2nd Issue - I only want to trigger the notification if the status changes...if someone changes the location or time as an example post approval will the status change from approved to pending ?  If the answer is yes than this issue is not an issue.  If the answer is no the status remains in an approved status once approved regardless of future field changes then I would just want to trigger an email notification to notify that a field value has changed....  However, I am unsure how I can distinguish between a status change only vs. a field change only.


My hope is that the status will always change to Pending if a column is changed and that will make life easier, although I would then anticipate being asked what the old value was vs. the new value.


Any suggestions, next steps ?