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Workflow triger based on the value of the column which gets set by another workflow

Question asked by achilles.aditya on Aug 28, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 7, 2016 by mmatsako

Hi All,

Following is the scenario

  • There are two list "Parent" and "Child" as soon as the item is added in the "Parent" a workflow with "Create Item" creates item in "Child"
  • When a new Item is created in "Child" another workflow updated the "ChildListID" column of the "Parent" with the item ID of the "Child" item
  • Now I want to trigger a new workflow when "ChildListID" column of the "Parent" has value.



  • The condition in  workflow "Start When Item is modified"  is "ChildListID" greater than 0.But the condition never gets trigger because "ChildListID" is getting updated by another workflow.



Workaround I am using:

  • I have added "Wait until "ChildListID" greater than 0 and have selected "Yes" in "Start When Item is modified".
  • Issue is that the workflow always remain in progress which may impact the performance.


Please suggest the best practice