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second query no results

Question asked by rinzesmit on Aug 19, 2014
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next is the situation.

SharePoint 2010 - NintexWF2010


Site with invoices. Each invoice has 1 or more 'budgethouder-codes'. (first screenshot). These codes are collected from a list called 'budgethouders', where 1 or 2 names are 'attached' (second screenshot). Those names are the 'approvers' of a invoice. On one invoice, there can be up to 7 'budgethouder-codes', which means a maximum of 14 names that have to approve.


(exerpt from 'invoices')


(exerpt from 'budgethouders'. Names are anonimized)


Now per invoice i want to collect all the names that have to approve the invoice, but they have to be 'bundled' per 'budgethouder-code'.

So I create the worklow on the Invoice-item.

I get the value of the column 'budgethouders' and put the value in a collection.

I then count the collection, so i can identify how many budgethouder-codes are connected to the invoice.


Then I take the first value of the collection and put it in a variable (tekst). I do a query on the 'budgethouder'-list, to get the names of the first 'budgethouder-code' of the invoice. This works fine.

But then comes the strange part.

Every query I perform on the 'budgethouder'list with following values from the collection (also put in a variable), end up giving no results.

  • I've tried doing the queries parallel,
  • I've tried doing the queries sequential,
  • I've tried to wait between  queries

but it doesn't matter. The variables from the collection are ok, but the queries won't work.

I added a screenshot of the latest version of the WF (sequential) and the configuration of the query.



Part of the workflow with two queries


The first query works OK, variables s_goedkeurder1_1 and 1_2 get filled.


The second query doesn't work. variables s_goedkeurder2_1 and 2_2 don't get filled. Variable 'budgethouder2' is filled ok.


If anybody can see what is going wrong or has tips how to get to the bottom of this, I'd be greatly appreciated.

Rinze Smit

Revalidatie Friesland, The Netherlands.