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Nintex Forms & SharePoint Online - Issue when using form on a dialog box "Invalid URL"

Question asked by xfabre on Aug 26, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 12, 2017 by muradhaider



i'm developping a quick solution to manage employees holidays. I'm using a SharePoint calendar with a specific content type (holiday), then i created a Nintex form to create new holidays requests.


The problem is when i want to create a new holiday request from the default calendar view. It opens a dialog box and it seems that it doesn't work with Nintex. I have an error "Invalid Url, a url field contains invalid data...." You can see the error below.


I have no problem using this form from a list view when it opens the form on another page. I never had issue like that on On-Premise solution, i guess it's can be the specific way how Nintex works on O365 (apps instead of a SHP solution) and there is maybe a problem with the specific url of the Nintex app on a dialog box.


So i just like to know if it's "normal" and Nintex doesn't support this or if i can find a way to be able to use Nintex on a dialog box on O365.


Thanks for your help