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limit people picker to one entry only ant not rely on built in validation

Question asked by bcobra on Aug 26, 2016

The default behavior of the people picker is to add a name then move to the next space to allow entry of another name even when only one entry is allowed. Validation kicks in and tells the user they can only add one entry after they have already entered a second name. How can I change the behavior to full stop at one entry and not allow input of a second entry at all. My current people picker is a single line entry not set to resize and only allow one entry. In this scenario the user begins typing a name, selects it from the GAL, and the name jumps up out of view and wants the user to enter another name. It looks like the people picker is blank because the first entry has moved up to allow a second entry.  The user has to use scroll bars to navigate up within the people picker to verify they actually selected a user. Any help is appreciated.