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calculated value on a list lookup

Question asked by dmpawley on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 4, 2016 by emha

Normally, this would be a simple thing, but I've thrown a twist into it and need the community help to see if it's possible.


I have a list (table) with basic information.  Key fields are CostCenter, Department.  List(table) is called "CostCenters".  I have a List Lookup collecting and displaying all of the CostCenter items.  I have a calculated field with a lookup function.  Here's were it's tricky:


The list is at the root of the site because I can reuse the List(table) in other forms and it would be convenient for me to have it in a central location.  The form I'm on is a couple of levels down.  The List Lookup works fine by referencing "/" and the name of the List(table).  I can't seem to get the calculated field's lookup function to get the focus of this object.


Has anyone tried this before?