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is there a way to create multiple delegate tasks for a  assign flexi task until some one approves it?

Question asked by chiatanya on Aug 24, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by chiatanya

On sharepoint 2013 onpremises, using nintex workflow ,I am creating an assign flexi task and assigning to a user in staff list. I am retrieving users with some math and collection operation.

My requirement here is to  :

                        1) Delegate a task to second assignee when first assignee doesn't respond for a couple of hours(which i am able to).

                        2) Delegate again to third assignee when second assignee doesn't respond for a couple of hours. (which i have trouble with)

                        3) Escalate to manager if the third assignee doesn't respond for another couple of hours.



Any help/insight about how to achieve with nintex is deeply appreciated.