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[NINTEX FORM] trigger filling a Date/Time with Javascript depending of Choice Control

Question asked by ornicus on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by kapilkjoshi


I know there is some related topic with JS on this forum and out there on the internets but I don't manage to understand enought and implement what I want by myself. Hence I am turning to you, readers


I have a form, with a Control Setting Choice that I use to have the status of my items (Work in Progress, Closed, Input Rejected)

I have also a  Control Setting Date/Time that I use to store the date and time when the item go in status closed.


At the moment the date is manually inputted but I want that the date is automatically populated when user select status=Closed and I still want to have the possibility to change the date afterward (Else I would have just putted the date into a variable and linked the variable to the date field)

So when user change the status to "Closed", JS shall be triggered and populate the date field with the current date and time.


Could any guide me how to achieve that. I understand JS a bit but I am not familiar at all with how to write it, what to call with NWF$ etc,...

I assume the function shall be stored into the Form custom JS and that it is triggered by the JS validation on the Choice control?