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Date/Time control won't stay put

Question asked by baltner on Aug 23, 2016
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The Date/Time control in one of my Nintex  2010 forms is too wide, so I've used the suggestions I've found elsewhere to apply custom CSS styling to make it smaller.  Here are the styles I'm applying:


.my-datetime input {

     width: 80px ;


.my-datetime {

     width: 120px !important;



This works fine except that one of the controls that I'm applying this too won't stay where I place it (see below images).  Upon saving and publishing the form everything looks good but then later I notice that the control has moved, even without me changing anything.  I have to conclude from this that even with the custom styling the control's native size conflicts with its placement near the right hand margin of the form, creating an instability.  How do I lock it down in place so that it stays where I put it?


NOTE:  It's also worth mentioning that when I drag the control to the right in the form designer it immediately pops back to the wrong location, whereas if I select it, then move it with the arrow key, it stays where I put it (until it doesn't, as described above).





dtc1.png dtc2.png