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Workflow to Update Document - Formatting Question

Question asked by carl.taute on Aug 22, 2016
Latest reply on Dec 24, 2016 by clxwas3

Hi, I'm having trouble getting my format in a Word Document correct. the basic workflow does this


1) read a SharePoint list of users into a collection variable.

2) Read the collection variable and gather First Name, Last Name, etc

3) Build a Word Document to create a contact list in a table



We then have created a document with Plain Text Content Controls, which the "Update Document" Step is populating.


The problem we are having is that the Content Control is being populated as a single line, instead of putting each entry on a new line. Screenshot Below




We have tried the following to troubleshoot:

1) logged the string output in the Workflow History. it output shows each entry is correctly on a new line (I.E the issue is not the "Build String" step). This is how we would like to see the output in the MS Word Document.



2) in MS Word, changed to a Real Text Content Control. This yielded funny results

          I) we then got each result on a new line as required

          II) However, we then seem to get an additional line, which is all of the same results repeated on a single line of text again. I have no idea where or why this ia                happening


3) In the Plain Text Content Control Properties, we enabled the box to allow Carriage Returns.

          I) we get exactly the same behavior as the Real Text Control above


What am I doing wrong?