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PeoplePickerApi - Unable to get property 'url' of undefined or null reference

Question asked by mrdegala on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Sep 13, 2016 by emha

My requirement is to populate a people picker field when a list lookup dropdown value is changed on a list form. I started off with a simplified version by placing a JavaScript button on the form and wrote a method to populate the people picker field using NF.PeoplePickerApi. I'm calling JS method on Client Click of that button. The method gets invoked fine however, it fails with this error - 


IE (Developer Tools --> Console) SCRIPT5007: Unable to get property 'url' of undefined or null reference

File: JavaScriptStringHandler.ashx, Line: 292, Column: 13

Firefox (Developer --> Console) TypeError: config is null

Here is the JavaScript code block which is failing-

search: function (term) {

     var config = this.$;

     return $getJSON(config.url + "/vti_bin/NintexFormsServices/NfRestService.svc/AutocompleteValue/PeoplePicker", {



Here is my JavaScript Method:

function setNFPeoplePicker(controlId, userAccount) {

     var ins = new NF.PeoplePickerApi('#' + controlId); (data) {





The method is being invoked by passing People Picker Control's client id as first parameter and the userAccount (domain\\userid) as second parameter. I tried with various combinations by removing the domain name, including the token 'i:0#.w', excluding the token and even passing Display Name as userAccount but no luck.


Environment Details:

SharePoint Server 2013 On-Premise

Nintex Forms 2013  v2.7.0.0

IE 11


I would really appreciate your help!