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Failed to start Workflow  the workflow cannot access the item

Question asked by kedar786 on Aug 23, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 23, 2016 by sojanm

Hi all


Using NINTEX workflow we want to achieve the following :

    1. In a page library, as a user, when i create a page and check a specific checkbox contained in the page layout, we want to change the value of the current item column "Status" (Single text column create by us) to "checkbox checked"

    2. This works for site collection admin, but doesn't work for users having contribute permission.


Error below :



For info, we have developed an event receiver on this page library, this error only occurs when the event receiver is activated ! (feature activated)


Event receiver information :

    -On ItemAdded, the event receiver will set the current item to Unique permission, setting contribute permission for the user creating the item.


    -This is achieved using this code (using thread to workaround some errors)


        ThreadStart threadStart = new ThreadStart




To try to solve the issue we followed below link, but without success


Please give a your valuable feedback if any one came across the resolution