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Beginner Workflow issue

Question asked by on Aug 19, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 22, 2016 by rickbakker

We are trying to create a workflow to handle this and would appreciate guidance.


Here’s what we want to do.


We have a monitoring instructions document that gets changed often. Requests for changes are handled and initiated and checked by the Change Team but finally implemented by an Analyst.


Step 1= Request is received for change to be made


Step 2=A Member of  Change team will submit the change via a sharepoint list we created (Nintex form)


Step 3- A Member of  Change team needs to proof the change(but it cannot be the one who created it)

  • This is where I need your help.
  • How do I create a flow where it tasks  each member of the CIS change team except for the one who created the change to proof it so it can continue through the implementation process.
  • An email should be received by each member of change team(any can proof and approve) and when approved should flow on to implementation


Step 3- Analyst needs to implement the change