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Check In document just moved using CopyItemsLocal method in Copy.asmx

Question asked by kgaddam on Aug 18, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 19, 2016 by fccrous

My Workflow copies documents from source location to a destination location with a different metadata.


1. Query the documents and get the collection

2. Copy the documents using copy.asmx

3. Query the destinaiton library for the files just moved - get the collection

4. Check In the files with new metadata

I followed this link to achieve until step 2, so the files are copied but are not checked-in:

The files are being copied but some files(I think pdf files) are staying as Checked Out because there is versioning "turned on" on the destination library.

My goal is to check them in, I tried the below:

Used Query List to get the item id and check it in, but am not successful. Any help is appreciated..