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Issues while migrating nintext databases to new farm (SP 2013 on prem)

Question asked by pankajnintex on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2016 by kmaj

We are trying to migrate Nintex from SharePoint online dedicated to SP 2013 on premise  and below are the steps we followed

1. We received 2 databases (config and content) from SharePoint online dedicated

2. We have restored both the databases on SQL server

3. In config database, we have found a table "databases" which has currently two entries/records (both the entries are showing config and content databases)

4. when we tried to attached config database using central admin - "Nintex Workflow Management" --> "databse Setup" --> Configuration Database, we got error - object reference not initialize

5. To resolve the issue in step #4, we have deleted two entries from "databases" table of config database (mentioned in  #3 )

6. Using central admin, we have attached content database by link Add content database,

7. After step #6, we have checked "databases" table of config database where we found 1 entry/record


Here are my questions,

1. How can we add second entry into the  "databases" table in #3

2. Can we attach config database as a content databases

3. Can we restore the config database again with different name and attached it as a content database


It would be really appreciable fi you could provide answers for above questions and best practice document for these scenario



Pankaj Pawar