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Nintex forms with address autocomplete using bing maps

Question asked by sridevi on Aug 17, 2016

Hello All,


I have few questions with respect to integrating Bing maps into a nintex form. We use SharePoint 2010 on premise.


1) I created a sample where I am able to call Bing rest services using JavaScript in nintex form and it is working. However it seem to be too shaky and JavaScript code sometimes does not work. I add some alert to JavaScript code then it works again. if I comment that alert code does not work again etc.. So my question is, is it safe to use JavaScript in nintex form or are there any known issues. 


2) This effort is to collect start and end location from customers and calculate mileage reimbursement for the distance plus add few other costs collected from user in UI. Users want autocomplete feature for start and end location etc. as we can see in Bing maps directions web page. Is there any sample code or direction available to address this?


3) Again adding more and more JavaScript to the form seem to be a concern to me. So is there a way to create a custom c# web page to address the UI and then invoke nintex workflow upon submit?