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Backup Approver - Asset outgoing workflow

Question asked by vesper21 on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 16, 2016 by cazza162

Hi All,

At first I created a workflow which the task is assigned to the Manager of the initiator. It is working already and when checked with our working group, they added another requirement. Which is to have a backup approver. Below is the current workflow that I have:

Nintex Workflow.PNG


The requirement is, there will be a default approver (which is the Initiator's Manager) and a backup approver.


We are also taking consideration that the Initiator's Manager can delegate a task and set a date until when.


The third scenario would be, what if the Manager forgot to delegate his/her tasks to the backup approver?


In this case, we will be including an option for the initiator to choose predefined approvers in a dropdown list. And this will automatically be sent to the backup of the default approver.


Would you know how I can execute this requirement?


Thank you very much in advance!