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Creating New Item in One List Based on Items in Another

Question asked by key1309 on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by emha

Hi, I have 3 Sharepoint lists (Conversation, Opportunity, & Engagement) each which has different columns and associated data, but the relationship is a conversation can lead to one to many opportunities and an opportunity can lead to one to many engagements. The flow of information goes from Conversation -> Opportunity -> Engagement and users have the ability to "Advance" each item from one list to another based on status change.


For example, I have created an opportunity Item. When I am ready to advance this item to engagement, I set the Opportunity status to "Advance to Engagement" which initiates a workflow. My workflow sets a condition to ensure required information is present and then creates a new item in the Engagement list. When I test this, the workflow completes without error. However, I am unable to see the newly created engagement item in the Engagement list.


Am I missing something?