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"Complete Worfklow Task" not working

Question asked by rebekah.pierce on Aug 16, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by emha

In my workflow I first send a Request Review to several users, in parallel because I want to save their specific comments in the original item. But, since I only want comments, not approvals, I give a deadline of 3 business days in the e-mail, but I cannot get this to work in practice. If one of the commenters does not respond the task status just stays "Not Started" and the workflow does not continue. I am doing something wrong somewhere, can someone point out what is wrong ?


1 - Run parallel actions for the reqest Review - each Request Review has a specific Action ID

2 - Complete Workflow Task after 3 days (using minutes for testing)

3 - Set Condition - if LastApproverComments is empty then record a "no comment"; otherwise save the actual comment

I am not showing the other 2 branches here, but for testing I respond as the other commenters so they are not blocking the parallel action from completing.




SQD Review settings :


Complete Workflow Task Settings :


Set A Condition Settings :

Workflow status - SQD Asia just will not complete & continue :