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Two Attachment Controls on form, one is conditional

Question asked by nintpmti2016 on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 15, 2016 by emha

Hello everyone…since I am so new to the workflow world I am running into little problems here and there with my workflows, and I am so grateful for the help I have been receiving and for any help on this.  


I have two attachment controls on one form.  The workflow is for a Training Request.  They have two options to choose from:  Programs are workshops, seminars, and such, which the need to have an attachment option to add any information for the program inside the panel which is hidden, and the second option is  College/School, which is in its own hidden panel.  Programs need an attachment option, College/School does not, but they both need an attachment option after they complete the program, college/school.  


The second attachment is at the bottom of the form and is visible in Edit View.  This attachment control is for when they complete the Program (attach proof they were there) and for College/School courses they attended and need to attach the bursar bill with grades. 


After they attach their "proof" attachments, the workflow goes to the Calculated Date “Use date when action is executed…” and the Run If action runs and an email notification lets them know that their attachment is received.  HR, and their manager receives the same notification.  How do I make the Run If to only apply to the second attachment or is there another way of doing this?   Any help on this right away would be appreciated!!