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Check in action - no version change causes workflow to fail

Question asked by rencygonzalez on Aug 16, 2016
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I have a library where major and minor versioning enabled. The library has a few approval workflows , when someone approves the task it goes to the next flexi task. When each person approves the task, there is a check in action configured to save as minor version.

When the final approver approves the task, the document gets saved as a major version using the check in action.

After the final approver I have another workflow that is triggered and it checks the date field to see if the approver left it empty or if a date was picked by the approver. If the date was left empty then I  have a calculate date that adds 6 months to that field.


The issue that I am running into is, when the date is set I use the check in action with no version change. This gives me a generic error "the workflow failed ".

I checked the logs and found the following error, " you can not checkin and overwrite a published file. "


Is anyone running into this issue?