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Limit Nintex Mobile form to specific group of users

Question asked by dbonsma on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2016 by fccrous

I have a form which is open to most users in Nintex Forms Desktop mode, but should only be available to a select group of users as a Nintex Mobile form.

In Nintex Mobile Live Settings I have specifically identified the users who should have access to this form, by name:

Nintex Live Settings.png


In SharePoint, the underlying list has permissions set to allow "Contribute" access to the larger group of employees (SP_All) able to use the form in Desktop mode.

The problem is that the Mobile form still appears on an Android tablet whose user account is in the SP_All group, but not in the "Users" list in the Live Settings window. I have discovered that the only way I can make the mobile form disappear from the tablet is to remove the user from the SP_All group, thus removing their Contribute permissions to the list.


This does not appear to be working as I would expect. Is there a way to specify that a user cannot see a mobile version of a form while still being able to see the desktop version of the form?