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Approver enters item property, which then approves task?

Question asked by nintpmti2016 on Aug 11, 2016
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I am very new to Nintex and whatever help I receive I will be much appreciated, and I have done mush research on how I could do this, but to no avail.

This is for an approval task where the grid below is what the approver needs to see in the email notification.  The email notification will allow the approver to see previous projects in his/her department, with the values that were assigned to them and have the ability to enter a new value, which populates to the list, and by doing that approves the task.  If the approver rejects, an email goes to the initiator and the workflow ends, and if it is approved it sends an email notification to the project manager who will see the value in the new project request.  See workflow screenshot below.


Is this possible and how can it be done, and how can I set up and configure the work flow action(s)?  I suggested to the person who is requesting this, to go through the task approval, which the item properties are already there, but the person wants the manager to complete all his/her tasks through the email notification.


Thank you!


Value (Approver needs to enter here between 1-10)


Project Name (existing ones from list)New Project displays here (that the workflow kick-off)
5Project 1
2Project 2
10Project 3
(Approver will input a value between 1-10)Project 4 (new)


This is how I have the workflow set up so far: