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Adding an Approval process within the Review section

Question asked by bimi82 on Aug 15, 2016
Latest reply on Aug 25, 2016 by philipplucas

Hello everybody


I wonder, if there is an option to add an Approve/Reject Process within a review section; once a form has been submitted?

To elaborate this more: I created a service (form) where users can raise a request and then some managers need to approve it at certain stages using FlexiTask


Never the less, currently the Managers getting an email asking for their approval where the e-mail contains 2 links:

  1. a link to review the created document
  2. a link to approve the process


This is the one million question now
Is there a way adding the approve/reject process within the review section, example below:


This would be ideal as it would avoid having to click on 2 links; 1st to review and 2nd to approve.





Well, there might be a way around this which I have tested but 2 things are not working at the minute.

Never the less, you have the option to create a custom template within the Assign Flexi Task > Edit Task Form
(make sure to select Form Type: Nintex Forms from the drop down menu.)


So, I went along and did the custom design ... but as already mentioned 2 information are not being displayed:

  • 1. Repeating Section: fields within this section are not being displayed
  • 2. Attached Document: the attached doc is not being attached




Any advise would be grateful